Money directed from military expenditures can improve our country and the rest of the world.  Actually reparations for our destruction of other countries would be the right thing to do.

The military is a huge polluter and dealing with climate change means cutting the army’s huge appetite for fossil fuels and the pollution of many of its actions.  The PFAs accumulated in our water as a result of military practices has caused entire communities to suffer from cancer and deformations.

The economic sanctions we impose on countries are basically warfare often costing many lives.

U.N. guidelines and past treaties should be honored and we should join the majority of countries on numerous treaties..  Abandoning and not signing treaties is causing a race in arms proliferation.

We need to cut military aid which promotes wars abroad and and people should divest from companies that make arms sold overseas.  Our bombs have killed children in Yemen and other countries.

Knowledgeable people are amazed that we’re still here – there have been so many close calls with nuclear weapons.  The horrors of Hiroshima/Nagasaki cry for nuclear disarmament.

We need to install an auditable accounting system at the Pentagon and cut defense spending waste.