Meet Dianne

My name is Dianne Blais and it would be an honor to represent  the 11th district of Virginia in Congress. I want to do all I can so that not only my children, grand-children and more than 100 foster children have a good life but so ALL the world and future generations have the best life possible.

Our huge military budget hurts much more than it helps.  We could be doing SO much good with small fractions of the money the military spends.  Congress increased Trump’s proposed military budget when it should have greatly decreased it.  Would Americans allow other countries to establish bases on our land?  The U.S. has over 800 bases in more than 100 countries.  We should be negotiating an end to nuclear weapons – instead of spending more than a trillion dollars updating them.  We continue our counter-productive wars – we’re still fighting in Afghanistan and last year (2019) we dropped more than 7,000 bombs there.  Our military is the largest institutional user of fossil fuel in the world.

I became a Green because Greens (unlike either major U.S. party) address major problems of our government with common sense solutions. They address the two existential threats to our world – nuclear war and climate change.  The Greens had a “Green New Deal” years ago and  have a great platform (see which values peace, ecology, democracy and social justice.

We need Rank Choice Voting in the U.S.  This will allow people to vote for their favorite candidates without worrying about them being a “spoiler”.

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